Chihuahua mix, 20 pounds
Male – neutered
Born ~ 2010
Everyone falls in love with this cute, affectionate boy, who gets along with people, other dogs, cats and kids. While at Safe Haven, he has visited a nursing home with a volunteer, relishing riding in a car and being a SHAS Animal Ambassador. Although his previous owner said Mickey was not housetrained, he never had an “accident” during his nursing home visits. He also has represented the sanctuary at our information table during public events. However, he is “an escape artist who takes his art very seriously,” as our sanctuary manager put it. This little dog can climb to the top of chain link fences and rock walls. So Mickey needs to be a housedog who gets walked and is not left alone in a yard.
Mickey lost his left eye, which developed glaucoma and could not be saved. For a while he had problems with depth perception, but always a trouper, he has adjusted well and gets around fine. He will be an excellent companion for that special pet lover.